Seattle Dryer Vent Cleaning

In addition to furnace and duct cleaning services, Blue Team Carpet & Dryer Vent Cleaning of Seattle also offers dryer vent cleaning  using our state of the art equipment.

Many people are not aware that as well as emptying the lint trap on your dryer, regular cleaning of the vent leading from the dryer to the outside of your home is necessary. Lint and debris which are not trapped by the screen get through and can gradually clog the vent, leading to decreased dryer function and in extreme cases, a potential fire hazard to your home.

Short ducts venting directly from the dryer to the exterior of the home normally can be easily accessed and cleaned by the homeowner, however, the further the dryer is from the exterior vent, the more difficult and inconvenient this can become.

Using Blue Team Dryer Vent Cleaning ‘s high pressure air tools, we pull built up lint from your dryer vent, removing any blockages as well as clearing the build up on the sides of the duct. It is advised that the dryer vent be fully cleaned at least every two years, and that the homeowner inspect the vent and dryer for signs of blockage every few months.

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Why You Should Have Clean Dryer Vents

Safety Concerns

Lint can build up in the clothes dryer vent blocking air flow and creating potentially hazardous conditions including the possibility for an exhaust fire or carbon monoxide intrusion (gas clothes dryers). “The U.S. Fire Administration, National Fire Data Center reports that there are over 12,700 home fires per year associated with clothes dryer fires resulting in 15 deaths and 300 injuries, and 88 million dollars in property loss.”*

A clogged dryer vent does not allow for the clothes dryer to exhaust properly. Gas clothes dryers that become clogged have the potential to cause Carbon Monoxide to back fill into your home. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is very dangerous and can be fatal with prolonged exposure.

Dryer Efficiency & Energy Savings

Having your dryer vent cleaned by Blue Team Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning  may help reduce energy consumption, operating costs and the possibility of a fire. A restricted dryer vent reduces air flow and causes your dryer to run hotter and longer. Excess heat created by poor air flow can ruin your clothes, add dollars to your home’s energy bill and increase the wear and tear on your dryer. If your dryer takes twice as long to dry clothes as it should, the number of loads that it will dry in its lifetime is substantially reduced. Having Blue Team clean your dryer vent  may help reduce energy consumption, operating costs and the possibility of a fire.

For information on dryer vent cleaning for apartments or commercial operations, please contact Blue Team Carpet & Dryer Vent Cleaning at our office at 206-347-8775.

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