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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

When choosing your Carpet Cleaning & Furnace Cleaning provider we know you have lots of things to consider. Typically, our carpet & upholstery cleaning customers are seeking convenient appointments, professional technicians, and getting the best results attainable. And Blue Team technitions are happy to deliver!

Here is our process to ensure your satisfaction:

1. Clearly Stated Expectations

But how do you know you are getting the best results? What sets Blue Team Carpet & Cleaning methods apart from the rest? Blue Team’s Multi-step, hot water extraction process, and our specially formulated cleaning solutions and neutralizing rinse are unlike most other carpet & upholstery cleaners. Some other carpet and upholstery cleaning companies offer carpet shampooing, dry cleaning, or carbonated/ “bonnet cleaning”, methods. These methods have proven to leave behind dirt, dander, and even cleaning shampoo residue. When cleaning shampoo residue is left behind, it can act as a magnet to dirt and your carpet & upholstery can get dirty faster. Additionally, these methods have been recognized as more of a “topical” cleaning as they are only able to temporarily remove dirt from the carpet and upholstery surface. They are not considered “deep-cleaning” methods. We offer a 15 Day clean Guarantee simply call and we’ll come back.